Backyard breeders perpetuate all that is horrific in breeding for the sake of the dollar. They create situations that rescues are left to fix when they dump dogs that don’t sell, get too old to have more litters, or are too sick to bring in money.

Now compound that with a hoarding situation. Now we have that mission to make money combined with mental health issues and the result defies description. Picture 70 dogs in a hell hole.

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue was recently called upon to capture 35 (out of 70) such small dogs from a breeder/hoarder in TN. I shall not post the “before” photos. Just trust me that many of the dogs were unrecognizable as being canines.

They needed to be completely shaved so that the vets could see what they were dealing with medically. Envision groomers working practically in hazmat suits, air so full of stench that breathing was difficult and dogs terrified from being uprooted and with strangers.

And now that they were shaved, they were cold…and even more scared. So in mid-February we stepped in to ship 44 pairs of adorable fleece jammies and 20 Martingale collars to prevent escape.

Most of these pups have been adopted, but many others are available. If interested, please submit an adoption application.

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