Cookeville, TN in Putnam County was the hardest hit area during the tornado on March 2, 2020. People had little to no warning and it devastated the entire town. Buildings were leveled, families torn apart, jobs lost from businesses that no longer existed….the aftermath was horrific.

So my Southern powerhouse friend, Sarah Romeyn, reached out to us at Be Like Henry. With some incredible fast-acting, never even for a moment’s hesitation, fiercely loyal support, donations poured in to us. YOU made it possible for us to respond in 24 hours. TWENTY FOUR HOURS.

The logistics for getting food donated were challenging, as the distributor we use for our dog food donations (understandably) needs an actual building to deliver to. There were none standing. Sarah found a relatively local cement company willing to let the bags be unloaded with them and 1500 lbs were delivered.

There was a local vet providing free care for animals injured. If you can imagine the horror, people were reporting dogs and cats being blown out of homes as windows shattered! But the vet had no leashes or collars. We shipped 45 collars and 45 leashes all in assorted sizes to assist.

The spay/neuter clinic had a building left standing, but no supplies. We shipped 40 gallons of a specialized solution required to do procedures so that they could be back up and running.

One family in particular stood out as requiring our help. Their dog alerted them to the impending horror, waking the family so they could be safe but then was thrown from the porch and ran away. The parents and 2 children under the age of 5 were safe and relatively unharmed, but left with absolutely nothing to their name. Their home was completely leveled and everything they owned was destroyed. We sent a gift card for $1000 and organized clothing drives.

Finally, there were close to 350 dogs in the greater Nashville area now without ID tags. We got the list of names and phone numbers, had engraved dog tags made and will be shipping them to the local vet shortly.

As Easter & Passover draw near, we hope everyone has a safe holiday and appreciates all that they DO have just a bit more.

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